Food supplements

GC Pharma also offers you the possibility to produce food supplements at a pharmaceutical level. For a healthy and conscious lifestyle, food supplements are playing an increasingly important role. If patients take them, they can be confident that they are doing good to themselves and their bodies. Although Germany is heavily regulated in most areas, food supplements can be freely produced and traded without any special permission. As a result, the resulting quality cannot be guaranteed. This is, where GC Pharma comes into place. We can guarantee you and your patients the highest pharmaceutical standards for our food supplements as well. With our pharmacologists, nutritionists, medical experts and product developers we are able to find the right combinations of nutrients and active ingredients to pro active ingredients to provide you with a highly effective, balanced product that meets the highest pharmaceutical demands and improves the well-being of your patients. Of course, we can also produce supplements according to your own tried and tested recipes for you.

Our product range includes the full spectrum starting with classic preparations such as vitamin mixes and calcium combinations, to immune system enhancers and preparations specifically tailored to the needs of your customers. In addition to conventional application forms such as hard, soft and chewing capsules, (chewing) tablets, sticks, powder and granule mixtures, we can also offer innovative application forms tailored to specific patient groups. For example, with our advanced methods we are able to integrate complex vitamin and fat solutions (such as omega-3 fatty acids), into a delicious vegan gummi candy that can be produced without degrading any of the valuable ingredients during the manufacturing process. This way, our products are revolutionizing the industry by creating dietary supplements that are pleasant to take, especially for demanding patients, such as children.

Depending on your needs, we can support in all phases. Beginning with ideation and product design product through the formulation of a recipe and its production right up to the distribution. Of course, we also offer you the product as a white label product for marketing under your own brand.

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