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The development of new medicines can lead to a number of difficulties: In a first step, the right active ingredient for the indication has to be found. In combination with excipients, it has to reach the place of action intact, without being degraded. There, the active ingredient has to bind with the target, meaning body-borne or pathogene molecules, in order to activate or deactivate them. The body must be able to degrade or excrete the active ingredient, while at the same time it should produce as few as possible harmful side effects or unwanted interactions. Another extremely important criterion for the efficacy of drugs is their solubility in water. Since only solubilized components can be absorbed into the body, the water solubility directly determines the bioavailability, i.e. the absorption of the active substance into the blood circulation and its availability at the place of action. In the last 10 years alone, the number of low-solubility drugs has risen steadily. Approximately 70% of all new active ingredients are not soluble or only slightly soluble in both aqueous and non-aqueous media. It is a major challenge for researchers to integrate active ingredients in such a way that they are actually effective within the lowest possible dosage.

At GC Pharma, our experts can help you selecting the right active ingredient, as well as the preparation of the pharmaceutical form. Within many years of research in the field of nanocrystal technology, we have been able to develop patented procedures which allow us to not only micronise the active ingredients but also to improve their bioavailability by nanonizing. On one hand, the substantial reduction in size of the drugs we can effectively counter the considerable problems of the solubility and associated bioavailability of many active ingredients. On the other hand, this method also allow us, to further improve our medicines in many ways for our patients. Nanoparticles have a much larger surface area, so less of the active substance suffices to achieve an adequate level of the active ingredient in the circulatory system. While avoiding or reducing potential side effects and harmful interactions as a result of the lowered dosage, this also allows for a faster onset by a faster absorption of the active ingredient. It also allows us to develop stable formulations without problematic solubilisers, thanks to the use of nanotechnology. Since the resorption of nanocrystals takes place independently of the food intake, the patient is considerably more flexible in the intake.

Through its own long-standing research activities, GC Pharma has extensive experience in the development of new medicines. We do not only include the complete development of new drugs within our performance spectrum. Our contacts to elite universities and research institutes, we can carry out research on a wide, interdisciplinary and internationally renowed level. Through these intimate relationships to fundamental research and thus access to the latest insights in pharmacology, we can optimize our capacity and contribute to the development of innovative therapeutic approaches.

We can advise on the development of new active ingredient, the selection of the right pharmaceutical form and the production of the finished medication.

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