German Capital Pharma offers its customers storage services for both human and veterinary products in a high quality environment. Storage of medicinal and other products is possible at room temperature (ambient, 15 to 25°C), cold (including closes cooling chain at 2 to 8°C) and deep frozen (-25 to -20°C). All storage areas are designed to the current standard and individually qualified and requalified at regular intervals. They are equipped with state of the art temperature monitoring systems, which continuously record all data and send alarms in case of a deviation from standard.

For the safety and security of our client’s products only the best is good enough. All office and storage rooms are secured via a burglary alarm system that includes sensors for detecting sound, heat, fire and flooding and also sensors for all doors and windows. If an alarm occurs it is directly transferred to the 24h manned central (fire or flood) or directly to the Berlin police department in case of a burglary.

Packing and Shipping

Apart from storage services we also offer our customers extensive packing and shipping services. We will pack our customer’s products into suitable and prior tested and qualified shipment containers to transfer them to the selected logistics company.

Due to the special shipping containers by our partners we can accommodate shipments with the required transit time (24h to 92h or longer) at the required temperature (ambient, 2 to 8°C or -25 to -20°C). Since we are allowed to handle cool chain products, working with the most demanding of products is not a problem.